After Naxos, Andros is the second largest island in the Cyclades and is a favorite and nearby destination from Athens.

Beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, neoclassical mansions and running waters, make up the image of this island of Cyclades that exudes majesty. Andros was one of the largest commercial and financial centers in antiquity, and in the 19th century it developed a large fleet that expanded even further in the 20th century, which has left its mark on the island until today.

The most tourist areas in Andros are Chora and Batsi, while it has plenty of attractions that add another reason why it has high tourist traffic. On the northeastern side of the island, however, you will see a more unspoiled and rough side of the island with tranquil beaches that invite you to explore. Mountain and seaside villages offer a variety to those who decide to make a holiday here, but a common factor is the blue horizon that offers an endless serenity.

One of the island’s top attractions is the cave in the village of Aladino, which is 4,5-5 million years old and has an area of ​​about 500 sq.m. Hanging rocks, stalactites and stalagmites offer a unique spectacle. In addition, one of the most important monuments of Chora is the Castle of Andros, but after the bombing of the Germans in 1943, only the ruins remain. A walk is definitely worth visiting in the Old Town of Andros where you will see many Venetian elements.

As far as the beaches of the island are concerned, one can find even more calm and well-organized depending on what they want. Most visitors of the island gather along the Gavrio – Batsi route, but if one looks a little more, he will find dozens of other equally beautiful beaches.

In any case, Andros is a nearby Cycladic destination, but offers everything that one seeks for their holidays.